alchemy women rising

17-25 November 2024 in kenya

Six night retreat embodying true desires in a private tropical treehouse on Kenya’s Swahili coast

Optional three day wildlife safari in the world famous Tsavo East


the retreat

Tantra - Aerial - Yoga - Women Circles - Alchemical Breathwork - Meditation - Ecstatic Dance - Hula Hoop Flow & more

Once upon a time, Nature, Women, and Goddesses were  venerated. They were associated with the Feminine Energy, its power and qualities needed for a balanced and harmonious society. We knew the power of our sexual and creative energy. Living our true desires came naturally, and we harnessed this energy for the benefit of all. We were one with Nature, respecting the natural cycles and rhythms of our bodies and needs. We were one with our Intuition which guided us through life. With time, these qualities become dangerous to systems that sought control. So, we got  disconnected from all of it: destroying Nature, rejecting our bodies and cycles, losing the sovereignty of our sexuality. Our inherently good desires became associated with shame and unworthiness, and more and more superficial fixes were marketed to appease the wanting self. Guidance and knowledge about our needs  now coming from external sources,  we forgot the power of our Intuition and stopped trusting ourselves. We are living in a time when feminine energy is  devalued and repressed, and our true Nature, Purpose and Desires are threatened by external pressures. Together, we have the power to live free.


In this retreat we want to create a safe space for you to connect with the deepest self. We invite you to remember the Alchemy Woman that you are, able to transmute the wounds and pain into a catalyst back to the heart : able to Re- Create your reality and recover your true nature. You will embrace your Wholeness and connection to all things within yourself, integrating those parts and unmet needs that were repressed in order to survive. You will connect with your deepest Desires from a space of alignment, forgiveness and love, and Embody those Desires: living your purpose.  By honouring what the deepest self wants, we want you to feel like you are really living the life of your dreams in this present moment.


Our Feminine Cycle and its different phases will guide us through this journey. Our body is our vehicle to experience life and through it, we can experience the different phases of our creative cycle and archetypes. We will unleash all the qualities and powers in each phase to release, heal and embrace whatever is needed. Each of those phases gives us the opportunity to alchemize our wounds into Desires. We will recover the playfulness and dreams of the child; melt the armors that closed our Heart and will open to Love. We will release the blocks, patterns and programs that castrate our freedom and sensuality, opening ourselves to feel again. We will connect with our inner guidance and intuition, remembering to trust it. We will accept and surrender to the changes of our natural cycles, and find balance and flow with the rhythms of life. We will practice living more in alignment with ourselves, adapting our reality to our needs and desires rather than living for the external. We will surrender to ourselves and our Desires.


This is an experiential retreat where we want you to really experience and find your own truth within. We don’t want you to believe anything we say, but instead to explore it and find what is true for you. We have been raised thinking that all answers are outside us, and we want to shift the focus within and build the trust in our intuition through the experience in our bodies. It is a deep healing and transformative experience where we will combine light and shadow work, with time to rest and integrate in the beautiful Nature that surrounds Watamu Treehouse.Nature is a big part of our retreat as she will be holding the space for us and helping us to process and integrate everything that will come up for us. In this experience, we will have women’s circles, different workshops, Ecstatic dance, Visualisations, Meditations, Alchemical Breathwork, Tantra practices, Aerial Yoga, Hula Hoop, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga, Womb Healing, Rituals, Art therapy, Oracle card readings, Womb Healing and much more. 


This retreat is for you if you….

Are ready to Re-Create Yourself

Want to step into your Feminine Nature and Power

Want to experience Yourself fully

Want to open and share with other women and thrive together

Feel stuck or frustrated in any area of your life and need clarity and guidance

Want to stop identifying yourself with your story

Want to connect with Nature and the power of this magical land

Are a woman whether you have your blood and physical uterus or not

Are ready to look into yourself and your shadows

Feel disconnected from your Creativity

Are receiving signals from your body manifested in physical disharmonies: infertility, PCO´S, fibroids, infections…

Can hear the call within as you read the information

Have you heard the voice deep within ? Do you feel there is something you are missing? Is your Heart craving for Love? How many dreams and projects do you want to manifest and don´t know how? Do you feel your Creativity is stuck? When was the last time that you played? Can you feel the voice and strength of your ancestors? Your Alchemy Woman is calling within, she wants to be free and serve the world with the full expression of herself. Every woman has so much to create and to offer, we just need to unleash our creative power, intuition and connect with our heart to harness the most powerful alchemy within ourselves: Love.

Our Feminine Energy has been repressed and oppressed for a long time, and now is the moment for the feminine rising, to balance the energy of the world, our societies, our closest circles… It is the moment to awake and to step into our power and that is always easier and more powerful when we do it together. So, this retreat is a call to the women who want to awaken, explore their full potential, hold hands and walk together to unleash our true selves, to witness and be part of our sister’s blooming and embody our own power.

During the retreat we will explore our creative process and cycle, going through each of the phases, the different archetypes and aspects of our life as women, different phases of our feminine cycle, recognizing our strengths, our hidden powers, our uniqueness and magic. 

We will awaken, feel and work with our sexual energy, connecting it with our Heart and Consciousness for our own healing and manifestation process. 

We will explore our shadows, our limiting beliefs that are holding us back, and will connect with our inner wisdom and intuition to discern what we need and is best for us. Because only each of us knows what’s best, we just need to remember and recover the trust in ourselves to be our own guidance in our journey.

We will connect with our ancestors, to heal and cut cords that are a weight in our journey to manifest and live the life we deserve, and connect with the strength and flux of life that we received from them. We will plant the seeds that we want to manifest in our life based on our true needs.

We will play, connect with our inner child, our curiosity and sense of exploration. We will go through our own Initiation and Rite of Passage into womanhood and feminine wisdom. We will remember our true nature.

We will connect, build and heal our self esteem and confidence in ourselves. We will connect with our capacity to love, be loved, to nurture and be nurtured. We will remember how to be mothers to ourselves and how to feed and nurture ourselves and our projects and creations. We will practice self love, compassion, forgiveness, and self validation. 

It is gonna be a deep journey within, supporting and holding each other to give birth to ourselves once again, to fill up ourselves with love and life, connecting with pleasure, joy and play! We will walk this journey together through different proposals that are just that: proposals. We believe and trust in the wisdom within each of us, and the sovereignty to decide what feels right for you in every moment. During 6 days and 5 nights we will have women’s circles, different workshops, ecstatic dance, vizualitations, meditations, breath work, Ovarian Breathing Feminine Alchemy System, tantra practices, aerial yoga, rituals, art therapy, uterine memories healing and much more.

retreat Venue: Watamu Treehouse

Watamu Treehouse is a unique and inspiring guesthouse in harmony with nature. It co-exists with the original coastal forest of Watamu. The towers were built on existing clearings in the forest without cutting trees and with the intention of preserving the forest.

All of the rooms are doubles – ensuite rooms with their own bathroom, toilet and shower.  The rooms all overlook the sunrise over the ocean or the sunset over the forest – and most rooms overlook both. 

There is a cool pool and its own private path to the beach – about 4 minutes through the indigenous forest. Many find this forest one of the most special parts of Treehouse and the destination is the quietest part of the long unspoiled beach in a protected marine reserve.

The food is inspired by a variety of cuisines from Swahili to Indian to Middle Eastern. They source fresh fruits and vegetables from the local market and try to get everything else from coastal producers or the health food shop. 

The lunches and dinners are abundant with “set-meals” and always include a soup or starter, a vegetarian main course (and a seafood main course if not vegetarian), a variety of sides and salads, and a dessert. They serve fresh juice or coconut water and a variety of hot drinks after the meal.  Great for vegans, and gluten and dairy-free.

And there is always a dedicated, friendly, and fun-loving team to take care of everything you might need and make your stay pleasant and smooth .

Overseas Guests
EARLY BIRD Private Room $3,150 ($3,600 after June 1st) 
EARLY BIRD Shared Room $2,650 ($2,900 after June 1st) 

Kenya Residents
EARLY BIRD Private Room $2,850 ($3,200 after June 1st) 
EARLY BIRD Shared Room $2,450 ($2,700 after June 1st) 

*if you are sending in another currency use today’s exchange rate, found here
*if you are local to Kenya and wish to exclude domestic flights and/or transport conctact us for a quote [email protected]


  • 2 Domestic flight Nairobi-Malindi-Nairobi 
  • All ground transfers between airports and lodges
  • 7 days, 6 nights full board accommodation at Watamu Tree House
  • 6 days healing & transformative Alchemy Women Rising Retreat
  • Welcoming Gift


What´s NOT included:

  • Any extra accommodation or night at Watamu TreeHouse if you stay longer
  • International flights to and from Nairobi
  • Visas
  • Spa treatments, massages or any extra activity offered by the venue
  • Health and travel insurance

your facilitators

Andrea hartley

Andrea is a flow artist and wellness coach who specializes in aerial yoga, hula hoop, aerial silks, lyra, mindfulness and trauma informed Vinyasa and Yin yoga. Andrea studied Psychology and Aerial Arts at Louisiana State University and furthered her flow arts and yoga study in subsequent years with Nashville Circus Centre, Fly Circus Space, Karuna Yoga, Studio Goddess, CirqFit and Movement Lounge.

Her playful sessions are about liberating heart, intuition and creative power. She lived in Kenya 2014-2022 where she founded social circus AER Africa which brought aerial + flow arts to venues and schools across Africa. She continues to host international festivals, retreats, teacher trainings and classes that merge flow arts and mindfulness. When she’s not flipping in the air, she is passionate about empowering small wellness businesses through her software Flowmingo.

You can connect and know more about her:

IG: @andreachartley

LinkedIn: @andrea-hartley-16044988

Paula Arranz

Creator of “Mujer Naturaleza” (Woman Nature). Lover of nature, ancient wisdom, music, dancing, traveling, painting and enjoying life. Certified Life Coach specialized in women, Menstrual and Integral Cyclicality Therapist, Facilitator of Womb and Uterine Memories Healing, Certified Teacher of Ovarian Breathing, Feminine Alchemy, Feminine Sexuality, Alchemical Breathing, Sacred Sexuality, Tantra and Herbalism.

She accompanies women and men in their journeys of Self-Knowledge and Healing. These processes take us to remember our Feminine Nature, Wisdom and Healing power that each of us have within. Through this, we return to the Divine Expression that we are, connecting with our bodies: the temple where the Alchemy and Magic can happen. This journey opens us, allows us to blossom and reconnects us to our Divine Feminine and Masculine and the Sexual & Creative Energy. Through this process we open our Hearts and elevate our Consciousness, experiencing and embodying the integration of ourselves as Whole and Complete.

Paula’s work integrates meditation, archetypal wisdom and embodiment, breath-work, movement, dance, yoni eggs, medicinal herbs, oracle cards and art-therapy. She accompanies one on one processes, facilitate courses, workshops, women´s circles, transformational retreats and participate in national and international wellness festivals.


You can connect and know more about her:

IG: @mujernaturalezapau

Fb: @MujerNaturalezaPau

the safari

If you want to live the experience of a wildlife safari while in Kenya, we offer you the option to add a 3 days/2nights safari at Tsavo East National Park. If you decide to go for it, our partners from Travel4Purpose will be the ones to accompany you for the rest of your travel. Tsavo is the Kenya´s largest Natinal Park and one of the largest in the world. The sight of dust-red elephant wallowing, rolling and spraying each other with the midnight blue waters of palm-shaded Galana River is one of the most evocative images in Africa. This, along with the 300 kilomtere long Yatta Plateau, the longest lava flow in the world, make for an adventure unlike any other in the Tsavo East. The park forms the largest protected area in Kenya and is home to most of the larger mammals, vast herds of dust –red elephant, Rhino, buffalo, lion, leopard, pods of hippo, crocodile, waterbucks, lesser Kudu, gerenuk and the prolific bird life features 500 recorded species.

safari Accommodation: Satao Camp

Satao Camp offers its guests the classical ‘Out of Africa’ experience. Spacious tented accommodation is complemented by first-class cuisine and genuine hospitality. The camp boasts 20 authentic safari style en-suite tents, each with private verandahs, nestled among the tamarind trees surrounding the camp’s very own watering hole. The tents are carefully positioned to allow uninterrupted views of the visiting wildlife whilst ensuring total privacy. Satao’s watering hole can attract up to 1,000 elephants a day. Large prides of lion are also sighted regularly. Satao Camp’s contributions to wildlife habitat is to ensure that the waterhole never dries up.

Satao Camp offers morning and afternoon game drives within the Park. If you’re looking for the legendary Big Five, you won’t be disappointed. All safari vehicles are open 4×4s equipped with everything you need for the perfect game drive. They provide binoculars, guide books about African birds and mammals and even a cool box with chilled drinks at the ready. Their guides are qualified Professional Safari Guides and have worked for many years in Tsavo. Their passion and understanding of the environment and the rich biodiversity of Tsavo are unequalled and they will be delighted to share their knowledge with you.


The Masai Mara together with Tanzania’s Serengeti form Africa’s most famous wildlife park, the Masai Mara National Reserve. The image of acacia trees dotting endless grass plains, beautiful sunsets and sunrises, large prides of lions, herds of elephants, as well as giraffes, gazelles and eland can also be spotted in the reserve. The wildlife in Masai Mara is considered one of the finest collections of wild animals anywhere in the world. With literally close to 90 species of Mammals and many more Birds, Masai Mara and the surrounding Great Mara ecosystem is home to a rich, diverse collection of wildlife which tourists from the world come to see during an African Safari.

safari Accommodation: basecamp maasai mara

You will stay at Basecamp Masai Mara which offers spacious and luxurious Double Riverside Tents. 

The tents are built along the banks of the Talek River, the natural border to the Masai Mara National Reserve. The dense riverbed foliage allows for maximum privacy and comfort, without compromising the view of the Masai Mara National Reserve just a stone’s throw away. With more than 300 identified bird species, you are certain to wake to a symphony of birdsong while staying at Basecamp Masai Mara.

Next to Basecamp Masai Mara is the Enjoolata Awareness Centre where guests are invited into exhibitions, movies, photo editing, and face-to-face meetings with the Maasais providing a deeper understanding to anyone who seeks knowledge about this fascinating culture and place.


Overseas Guests
EARLY BIRD Private Room $4,450 ($4,900 after June 1st) 
EARLY BIRD Shared Room $3,750 ($4,000 after June 1st) 

Kenya Residents
EARLY BIRD Private Room $3,900 ($4,250 after June 1st) 
EARLY BIRD Shared Room $3,250 ($3,500 after June 1st) 

*if you are sending in another currency use today’s exchange rate, found here
*if you are local to Kenya and wish to exclude domestic flights and/or transport conctact us for a quote [email protected]


  • Domestic flight Nairobi-Malindi
  • All ground transfers between airports and lodges
  • 7 days, 6 nights full board accommodation at Watamu Tree House
  • 6 days healing & transformative Alchemy Women Rising Retreat
  • Welcoming Gift
  • 3 days, 2 nights full board accommodation at Satao Camp in Tsavo East 
  • Game drives in Tsavo East in a Pop-Up top 4×4 Safari Jeep
  • Services of an experienced English safari tour guide/driver (safari)
  • Park Entrance fees
  • Pick up from Watamu Treehouse and drop off in Voi SGR
  • First Class SGR train Voi – Nairobi

What´s NOT included:

  • Any extra accommodation or night at Watamu TreeHouse if you stay long time
  • International flights to and from Nairobi
  • Visas
  • Health and travel insurance
  • Spa treatments, massages or any extra activity offered by the venue.
  • Items of a personal nature and optional activities 
  • Bottled & Soft Drinks (at the safari)
  • Exclusive use of vehicle on game drives
  • Tips/gratuities


This retreat changed my soul. So every minute i spent there I keep with me close to my heart. I learned so much about myself and have never felt closer to my body, my womanhood, but most importantly my power. The retreat allowed me to see myself truly at my core and love every part of me.” – Nikki


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